Carbon Fiber Composite Cello Case

Carbon Fiber Composite Cello Case



This high quality, 4/4 Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Exterior Cello Case includes wheels and backpack straps for simple transport, at a lightweight 3.3kg (7.28 lbs.)

Perfect for ultra-high impact resistance and protection, this dark grey cello case also includes two interior pockets for accessories and sheet music.



  • Central-Lock System

    The unique Central-Lock-System controls 5 individual locks around the case circumference and is operated by one handle.

  • Built Tough

    The case is created of high-grade carbon fiber composite with innovative design to supply better protection than conventional materials.

  • Bow Capacity

    Holds Two 4/4 Cello Bows Securely


  • Lightweight

    3.3kg (7.28 lbs.)

  • Shipping

    Flat Fee Shipping to the continental US, orders from elsewhere will require an additional shipping fee, and buyer is responsible for all import duties.  Please use the contact form to inquire about shipping rates and options.